Ecsel RIA call 2015

About Reference

The main objective of REFERENCE program is to leverage a European leading edge ecosystem in the Radio Frequency (RF) communication applications based on Silicon On Insulator (SOI), a disruptive technology addressing performance, cost and integration needs for the next decade.


Development of secure and reliable wireless communication is a major challenge enabling replacement of Avionics Full DupleX (AFDX) switches/cables.


The proliferation of vehicle connectivity will have implications across the major functional areas of telematics, automated driving, infotainment, safety and mobility services.


Front End Module (FEM) enabling signal reception/emission, transceivers and digital signal conversion modules are key elements to move towards 4G+ and 5G standards.

Some indicators
35 %
Deliverables achieved
55 %
Milestones achievement
69 %
Project months